The Irish hare
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Protect the Irish Hare!

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Campaign for closed season for brown hares in Great Britain

Right now there is absolutely no legislation that protects brown hares in Great Britain. It is legal for people to trap and kill hares at any time of the year, leaving the young to perish. If hares are not protected soon, they will disappear forever.

(Photo credit: Rodney Hale)

Petition to Minister Mark Durkan

Please protect Rathlin hares

Make Rathlin Island into a hare reserve and reintroduce special protection for hares in Northern Ireland.

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Have you ever witnessed a wildlife crime in Ireland?

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is looking for your feedback in order to address any issues that may hinder the reporting of, or investigation into, wildlife crimes in Ireland. Results will be collated for discussion at the Wildlife Crime Conference in September.

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Working for the protection and conservation of Irish hares since 2002